Minizonkey Sales

CoaSTable is offering miniature zonkeys for sale annually.  Each year, CoaSTable sells off to the highest qualified bidder the right to purchase Zola's next foal.  The opening bid of $5,000 is set.  Qualified buyers can submit their bid via email to CoaSTable.  If your bid is accepted, then we will ask for references (such as from your veterinarian) and we will discuss with you what facilities you have or would build to house the minizonkey foal.  A contract will be sent to the highest bidder.  Upon it being countersigned and a deposit being received, we will plan Zola’s breeding schedule in order for the foal to be delivered to you in optimal weather.  Pickup and transportation is the responsibility of the buyer.    

To  inquire, please contact Rob Schweiger at 772-597-6664.  Our address is:

9752 SW Santa Monica Drive
Palm City, FL 34990

We are located midway between Orlando and Miami on Florida's east  coast.  Visitors are welcome by appointment only.  Our fax number is  772-597-6665 or you can email us using the CONTACT US page.