What are Minizonkeys?

Zebroid is a term used for hybrids of Zebras.   The term Zonkey is generally used to describe the offspring of a zebra and a donkey.  What CoaSTable has successfully accomplished is to breed Zola, our home-raised zebra, to miniature donkeys instead of full-sized donkeys.  Our beautiful MiniZonkey babies, Zany and Zen, resulted from our breeding program.  Zany is a happy member of our equine community which includes zebras, donkeys and horses.  Zen has been purchased and will be living in Bucks County, PA after she has been weaned in January 2020.


Zola Does It Again!

Zola, our resident Zebra, gave birth to another foal on September 30, 2019.  Zen is Zola's second baby, joining her 3-year-old brother as well as the rest of the CoaSTable family.  Zen is a product of our minizonkey breeding program.  Zen will be staying at CoaSTable through the end of 2019 at which time she'll be weaned from Zola.  She will then move to Bucks County, PA to join her new family.  Zola will only be bred when a prospective purchaser has been confirmed.  After a refundable deposit has been paid, Zola is then bred and the resulting foal is provided to the new owner after the foal has been weaned. 


Video - Zany